Business Litigation

As a litigation firm, our objective is to both zealously pursue the claims of, and defend the rights and interests of, our clients in commercial disputes.  We bring big-firm know-how and expertise, with a commitment to always pursuing our clients’ business and personal objectives.  We pride ourselves on exercising judgment – employing  years of knowledge and experience – and the ability to see each case strategically and constantly execute on that strategy.

At Firestone Law, we represent parties in all manner of business and commercial disputes, including actions for breach of contract and fraud, and litigation concerning sophisticated financial products.  The firm is especially familiar with the full range of disputes arising between owners of privately held businesses.  We represent directors, officers, managers, and majority or minority owners in connection with such matters, including claims for breach of fiduciary and minority oppression, derivative actions, books and records requests, and accounting proceedings.  We have also represented clients in situations where the existence of a partnership is itself disputed and it is necessary to establish the business relationship in the absence of a signed partnership agreement.

While negotiation can be a quick and cost-effective approach to resolving disputes, sometimes early resolution is impossible, and the appropriate solution is litigation.  Whenever we help our clients in a litigation matter, we have found that the best way to deal with the dispute is to consider at the outset all possible options for resolution, while building a strong case and preparing to go to trial should that become necessary.

In litigation matters, we have represented:

  • A party in a multi-million-dollar arbitration proceeding concerning ownership of the business in which the client contended that he and the opposing party entered into a partnership, while the other side denied partnership and expelled our client from the business
  • A crypto-currency company in connection with claims for breach of contract against an acquiror
  • A majority shareholder in connection with its successful objection to a derivative settlement agreement
  • A security company and its managers against claims for breach of fiduciary duty, demand for books and records, and accounting alleged by a minority member
  • A tech start-up company and its managing member against claims for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract
  • A party against its former business partners in a real estate advisory firm in an action seeking a declaration that a partnership existed and damages for breach of contract and fraud
  • A party against its former business partner in a ladies’ apparel business in an action for breach of operating agreement and breach of fiduciary duty
  • A former limited liability company manager against claims for breach of fiduciary duty and counterclaims against the current managers for indemnification